Our opinion: It’s a step

No one contends the drug take-back program that has netted 400 pounds of prescription pharmaceuticals since the program was started has solved Warren County’s drug abuse problem.

Actually, if it has made a dent, it is a fairly small one.

But, it is responsible for 400 pounds – read that tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands – of potentially dangerous and addictive pills have been destroyed rather than contributing to the prescription drug abuse problem in the county.

And, that’s something worth keeping and even expanding.

When the Times Observer embarked on a series of articles about drug abuse in Warren County two years ago, it was clear from our interviews with health care and law enforcement professionals that prescription drug abuse represents a significant part of the total drug problem in the county.

Up to now, those responsible and careful holders of surplus pain killers and otherwise legitimate substances that can also be turned to abusive and illegal use, either had to wait or to be reminded of twice-yearly take-back programs.

Now the Youngsville Police Department and the City of Warren Police Department have installed special security deposit boxes that are available for drug disposal any day their offices are open.

Will it mean that prescription drug abuse will be eliminated in the county? No. But it will likely mean even more potentially dangerous drugs will be properly disposed of and not on the streets where they can ruin and even end lives.

It’s a step in the right direction.