Canterbury elevator is back in service

A broken elevator in a seven-story building inhabited by senior citizens is a problem.

The elevator in Canterbury Court in Warren was out for almost a week.

The repair was finalized Wednesday when the necessary part finally arrived.

According to Warren County Housing Authority Executive Director Tonya Mitchell-Weston, that part – a latch that allows the doors to open properly – was supposed to be delivered Friday, Aug. 30.

The problem started in July. After a new door opener was ordered and installed, the elevator worked properly, for a while.

“All of a sudden, it stopped working,” Mitchell-Weston said.

The repair company, Thyssenkrupp, notified her that another part was needed.

“They told us they ordered the part and it would be overnighted,” she said. “It would be there first thing Friday (Aug. 30) morning.”

“We notified the tenants the part was on the way,” Mitchell-Weston said.

It wasn’t.

The arranged time “came and went,” she said.

Mitchell-Weston was told “there was nothing they could do, they were still waiting for the part.”

So, over the holiday weekend, the elevator was partially operational, sometimes carrying passengers to their destinations, sometimes going only one floor, sometimes not running.

The Housing Authority maintenance department responded to several calls through the weekend, she said.

Mitchell-Weston had to track down the problem, dealing with both the supply company and the repair company.

“We have elderly citizens walking up and down seven flights of steps, and they don’t seem to care at all,” she said, referring to the companies.

Residents and their family members expressed concerns about their ability to get out of the building for appointments, groceries, and just fresh air.

“In most cases the families are helping,” Mitchell-Weston said. “I applaud them. I know it’s very frustrating.”

But, not all of the tenants have local families.

The part finally arrived and was installed Wednesday.

Mitchell-Weston called the Times Observer at 4:30 p.m. to report that the repair was complete.

She said the authority will look into its contracts and, in the event that the elevator is not fully repaired, legal action.