Clark hits the road


Dr. William Clark, the Warren County School District’s new superintendent, started out his school year Wednesday the same way most of the students did by riding a school bus, to Eisenhower Middle High School in this case.

“It’s a great way to start the year,” he said. “(I do this) every year. This is my ninth year. Every district I’ve been in I ride a bus on the first day. Usually the first day is a good day, it’s a reminder of what’s going on. The kids are excited, the parents are excited and you get a good idea of the geographic region.”

Speaking of the large number of buses passing through the Eisenhower parking lot, he noted that there are four regions in the district. “That’s a lot of buses out there. The way it was explained to me, there are 11,000 miles the buses cover in a day. That’s a lot of miles. Seven hundred and eighty three square miles, that’s huge.”

“Riding the bus, the bus drivers tell me, ‘This is an area I’m worried about, that I’ve got to watch on snow days,’ and that helps me, if I’m going to get up in the mornings and check roads, (I can) go to the areas that they’re concerned about,” he added.

“It’s just helpful and I enjoy it. There is a lot of work that goes into getting the day off the ground, and people have worked hard. I appreciate the sheriff’s office vehicles out in front of the schools, I wouldn’t see that if I didn’t get on the bus.”

Clark said that his family is living in Warren temporarily, and is in the process of buying a house in Russell.