CROSS COUNTRY: Lady Knights win two in tri-meet with Warren

The 2013 high school cross country season may be young, but individual rivalries are already forming between runners from Eisenhower, Warren and Harbor Creek.

The three teams ran through a rain-soaked course Tuesday at Eisenhower High School, with Warren going 1-1 and Eisenhower going 0-2 on the boys side, and the Lady Dragons going 1-1 and the Lady Knights finishing 2-0.

For the second time in a week, Eisenhower’s Devin VanGuilder finished one second behind Harbor Creek’s Noah Mandel with a time of 17:51. At Saturday’s McDowell Invitational, Mandel ran a 17:45 and VanGuilder a 17:46.

“It was a good race between Mandel and Devin,” said Eisenhower coach Darlene Beach. “They went back and forth the whole way and really pushed each other.”

Warren’s Blake Ristau continued his strong freshman campaign, finishing third with a time of 18:56. Also finishing in the top ten were Mark Reiff (5th), Seth Johnson (8th), and Brandon Nielson (9th) for the Dragons.

In the girls’ race, Warren’s Anna Falvo placed first with a time of 22:13, just six seconds ahead of Eisenhower’s Julia Bauer. The two also ran a tight race at McDowell with Bauer besting Falvo by a matter of seconds.

With only five runners competing from each team, Warren’s Deanna Hahn finished third while Eisenhower’s Kate Daugharthy (5th), Lacey Stanko (6th), Hannah Bortz (9th), and Grace Thompson (10th) rounded out the county finishers in the top ten.

“We knew Harbor Creek was strong from what we saw (at McDowell), and Warren too,” said Beach. “I was certainly pleased about the two wins for the girls. We need to keep trying to lessen the gap between Devin and the rest of the boys.”

“We thought the runners did really well today despite the cold and rain,” said Warren coach Kevin Dustin. “They competed and showed some real toughness. On the girls side, Anna had a great race. She ran smart and finished strong to take the win. Our guys ran hard and are already showing some real progress.”


Warren 24, Harbor Creek 31

Eisenhower 23, Harbor Creek 32

Eisenhower 24, Warren 31

Results (top 10 plus local runners): 1. Anna Falvo (W) 22:13, 2. Julia Bauer (E) 22:19, 3. Deanna Hahn (W) 23:19, 4. Paige Brigham (H) 24:38, 5. Kate Daugharthy (E) 24:44, 6. Lacey Stanko (E) 25:35, 7. Taylor Bean (H) 27:41, 8. Marissa Drobitch (H) 28:06, 9. Hannah Bortz (E) 28:06, 10. Grace Thompson (E) 28:25, 11. Brittany Massa (W) 28:31, 12. Kristina Weikert (W) 28:34, 13. Alyssa Cumberland (W) 29:45.


Harbor Creek 24, Warren 32

Harbor Creek 19, Eisenhower 44

Warren 20, Eisenhower 41

Results (top 10 plus local runners): 1. Noah Mandel (H) 17:50, 2. Devin VanGuilder (E) 17:51, 3. Blake Ristau (W) 18:56, 4. Wade Grover (H) 19:43, 5. Mark Reiff (W) 19:51, 6. Nathan Vogel (H) 19:55, 7. Connor Coppersmith (H) 20:00, 8. Seth Johnson (W) 20:04, 9. Brandon Nielson (W) 20:10, 10. Michael Rocco (H) 20:18, 12. Sean McGuinness (W) 20:36, 14. Ben Morrison (E) 20:51, 16. Christian Olson (W) 21:13, 17. Max Pierson (W) 21:14, 18. James Sturdevant (W) 21:46, 22. Reed Swanson (W) 22:32, 23. Derek Lasecki (E) 23:33, 25. Jason Morine (E) 24:42, 28. Dominick Dietrick (E) 25:44, 31. Eric Zavinski (W) 26:43.

Youngsville girls 1-1

Youngsville boys 0-2

The Youngsville girls came away with one win in Tuesday’s Region 4 tri-meet against Union City and Fort LeBoeuf.

The Lady Eagles defeated LeBoeuf, 19-42, but lost to host Union City, 19-39. The Youngsville boys were defeated by Union City, 31-24, and LeBoeuf, 45-18.

Youngsville’s best finishes came from a pair of freshmen in Brook Messinger and Tanner Burns. Messinger placed second on the girls side, and Burns finished third in the boys race. Sophomore Lydia Swartzbaugh was the only other Eagle to finish in the top ten.

Youngsville will return to action next Tuesday, hosting Seneca and Warren at the Warren County Fairgrounds.


Union City 24, Youngsville 31

Fort LeBoeuf 27, Union City 30

Fort LeBoeuf 18, Youngsville 45

Results: 1. Pier (F) 18:57, 2. Lehotski (F), 3. Burns (Y), 4. Taylor (UC), 5. Gardner (UC), 6. Hanlin (UC), 7. Burgess (UC), 8. Connerly (F), 9. McGuire (F), 10. Glazier (F).


Union City 19, Youngsville 39

Union City 17, Fort LeBoeuf 42

Youngsville 19, Fort LeBoeuf 42

Results: 1. Boyd (UC) 22:32, 2. Messinger (Y), 3. Kosnik (UC), 4. Keefer (UC), 5. Bengel (F), 6. Fletcher (UC), 7. Gardner (UC), 8. Swartzbaugh (Y), 9. Bacon (UC), 10. Fehlman (Y).