A New Way To Assess Schools

It’s not just for use internally.

In addition to serving as a benchmark for school and state use, the new performance profile system will serve parents and community watchdogs as well.

The state is compiling school data and creating a school performance profile website.

While the website isn’t live yet, it will provide a single point of reference to track performance and compare schools.

“Essentially, all of this information was housed in other locations,” Weber said. “What the state has done is put this in one stop. So you can very easily look up, and have a rating for your school.”

The site will include demographic data in addition to performance profile data.

School performance profile data will be presented and broken down by individual indicators. The site also provides a link showing the calculation used to determine each score.

Further, visitors will be able to compare data from one school to another, a feature which may aid parents in deciding where to send their child or in considering factors before relocating.

“Me, being a parent, I’m going to use this to help determine where I want my kids going,” Clark said.