Our opinion:?Ready for school

Tonight will be devoted to preparation.

Mom: “This is what I think you should wear tomorrow.”

Daughter’s mind in response: “I wonder what (fill in the blank) will be wearing. I’ll text her.”

Dad: “Make a good impression on your teachers. I don’t want to be called in for a conference because you acted up.”

Son’s mind in response: “I hope I get (don’t get) (fill in the blank) for history.”

And so it goes, another year of school and families are getting ready.

Something else should be on everyone’s mind tomorrow morning and afternoon: their driving.

The excitement of the first day of school can overtake caution among youngsters, while for most adults, it’s just another morning commute, same route, same routine, same guy on the radio, coffee in your left hand rising to your mouth, your cell phone chirping from your shirt pocket. There is more than enough there to lull one into complacency or take your mind off the 3,000-pound projectile you are controlling.

From tomorrow until the last day of school next summer there are thousands of different reasons to stay especially alert while driving, and each of them has a face and a family who loves them more than words can express.

Wait for that coffee; ignore the phone; drive like it is inevitable that someone will walk in front of you.

A moment of distraction can end a young life and ruin yours.