Food service inspections conducted in August

The City of Warren and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have released the results of food service inspections conducted in August.

The following establishments in the City of Warren were inspected and issued valid licenses through Aug. 31, 2014:

Peppermill, 1505 Pennsylvania Ave. E., no violations;

West End Take-out, 1402 Pennsylvania Ave. W., one critical violation: freezer not at proper cold holding temperature.

Holy Redeemer Center, 11 Russell St., no violations.

SubZ was declared closed.

Six-month inspections were completed at the following:

Moose Club, 422 Pennsyvlania Ave. W., one non-critical violation: thermometers not provided in all refrigerators;

Salvation Army, 311 Beech St., no violations;

McCulla’s Steakhouse, 2043 Pennsylvania Ave. E., no violations;

Subway, 71 Market St., no violations;

Pizza Hut, 25 Pennsylvania Ave. E., one critical violation: staff hand-washing station not used properly; and one non-critical violation: kitchen walls and floor need cleaned around and under appliances.

The following inspections were conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture:

Bates Brothers Amusement Co. Cafe, Warren County Fair, three violations: chicken observed thawing at room temperature in the stock trailer; air gauge thermometer in refrigerator is broken and not functioning; upright refrigerator may not be functioning properly as air temperature is above 41 degrees and door seal on refrigerator is torn;

Bates Brothers Amusement Co. Dough, Warren County Fair, no violations;

Bates Brothers Amusement Co. Fry, Warren County Fair, no violations;

Bates Brothers Amusement Co. Icee, Warren County Fair, no violations;

Bates Brothers Amusement Co. Popcorn, Warren County Fair, two violations: foreign material present in the ice bin used for drink ice; handwash sink was blocked by flavorings and not accessible at all times for employee use;

Molnar’s Lemonade, Warren County Fair, no violations.