Super’s family moves to county

The Warren County School District is already getting something in its new superintendent that it didn’t in its previous: A county resident.

Dr. William Clark began his tenure with the district on July1 and, as of Aug. 29, has moved himself and his family to Warren County.

Clark, who said he has connections to the area reaching back to his childhood, was given a relocation allowance of up to $2,500 for his own move and of up to $7,500 upon the permanent relocation of his family as part of his contract.

Clark’s contract includes an additional reimbursement of 3 percent of the purchase price of a home in the county up to a maximum of $5,000

“I’m pleased to announce that, yesterday, Dr. Clark completed the move of his wife and three children to Warren County,” District Board of School Directors President Arthur Stewart announced to teachers at a professional development day event on Friday. “Dr. Clark’s children are enrolled in Warren County School District schools and Dr. Clark and his wife are purchasing a home here.”

Clark noted his children are enrolled here and slated to attend school within the district this year.

“I know the area. I was born and raised in Cameron County,” Clark said in an interview shortly after his appointment. “I’m very excited. They (the board) have a good energy, and talking with the teachers and support staff, there’s a good core group up there.”

Clark worked with the Warren County Career Center director during his tenure with the St. Marys School District in an effort to improve vocational programs at St. Marys. The Career Center was also one of seven schools he visited while conducting his dissertation research.

“I got to know the district,” Clark said at the time. “The superintendent at the time kind of took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of being a superintendent.”

He also noted he visited the area as a child, as his siblings had dental work done in Warren, and as an adult, visiting his brother, who lived in Scandia.

The move is a departure from the actions of former-superintendent Brandon Hufnagel, who had committed to moving his family from York to the county, but did not do so in his approximately 18 month tenure prior to resigning. Hufnagel had also been given a relocation allowance in his contract.