Allegheny River

Dear editor:

In 1992, three segments of the Allegheny River (86.6 miles) were designated a component of the Wild and Scenic Rivers System by Congress. The Allegheny River was given the classification of Recreational, the only one for which it was qualified.

Victoria Barone wrote a piece in the Times Observer about the recreational river. She wrote that as a recreational river, the classification was the least restrictive of the three. She quoted Steve Miller, US Forest Service public affairs officer. He said the “designation was an act of Congress and it would take an act of Congress to change it.”

I have a letter by then Forest Supervisor Leanne Marten, dated 3/23/2009. She confirmed that the classification was only recreational.

The classification as Recreational is a legal and binding determination by our US Congress. It must be presented in all clarity as such. The truth is out there and it has been verified. The misinformation, misrepresentation and outright lies must stop now.

Harry T. Anderson