Unemployment and employment down

Warren County’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from 6.7 percent in June to 6.3 percent in July, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Center for Workforce Information and Analysis.

The labor force decreased from 21,900 in July to 21,600 in July, and the number of people unemployed dropped from 1,500 in June to 1,400 in July. The number of employed people dropped from 20,400 in June to 20,100 in July.

According to the Center, the total number of non-farm jobs declined from 16,000 in June to 15,300 in July, while total private jobs declined from 13,800 to 13,700 during the same time period. Service-providing jobs declined significantly from 12,900 in June to 12,200 in July. Professional and business services were steady at 1,600 as were education and health services at 3,100. Total government jobs dropped from 2,200 in June to 1,600 in July with local government jobs dropping from 1,300 in June to 700 in July.

The current seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is lower than it was in July 2012 when it was 6.9 percent.

Warren County continues to have the lowest unemployment rate in the region compared to 9.6 percent in Forest County, 7.7 percent in Oil City, 7.3 percent in Bradford and Erie and 7.2 percent in Meadville.

Pennsylvania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stayed at 7.5 percent and the national unemployment rate decreased slightly from 7.6 percent in June to 7.4 percent in July.