WCSD Super launches vid blog

The Warren County School District is rolling out a new means of communicating with the community.

Dr. William Clark, hired as superintendent last month, has rolled out a video blog designed to “provide information to the community on various educational topics confronting the district or issues across the Commonwealth,” according to the first video.

Clark said that each of the videos, which he intends to post monthly, will be short, between three and five minutes, and will feature him providing dialogue on a particular topic.

People who view the blog can also leave comments underneath the video. “Hopefully, that will provide some feedback on other areas the community would like to see covered the blog.”

He explained on Friday that he has produced a similar blog in previous positions.

“It’s allowed me the opportunity to communicate stuff out,” he said. “It provides a platform where I can, in a short snippet, at least put some information out there” on local, state or federal issues of relevance.

Clark explained that the feedback he has received on the blog in previous positions depended on the content addressed.

“It’s been fairly well received,” he said. “Feedback I’ve received from the staff has always been positive” as this serves as another way to communicate with the wealth of stakeholders in the district.

He said that the next post will be a message about the start of school, welcoming everybody back, with the blog to follow likely on the entry plan he has undertaken since arriving in the district.

While comments can be posted, Clark said that “you always need to be the proprietor of what is posted,” noting that a filtering process will take place. He explained that past blogs have received comments regarding specific teachers or with questions about their child. While those will not be posted publicly, Clark noted that if such comments are received, he can still respond privately.

The web address for the video blog is wcsdpa1.livejournal.com.