Clean water meeting

Clean water


Dear editor:

On Wednesday evening, August 21st, I had the privilege of moderating a meeting concerning potential pollution of our beautiful Allegheny River. I say privilege, because I learned a great deal from interacting with so many residents of our community, and no matter any person’s position, one thing was very clear, everyone in attendance cares deeply about our community.

I hope as moderator I helped set a tone of respect, and I appreciate that most everyone was respectful to me and respectful to those who spoke, and those who asked questions and provided important information. While no contentious issues are without emotion, for the most part, emotion was kept in check.

One overwhelming theme struck me most, that of the pride of those who help produce the energy our country needs to be strong and independent, and the pride of those who create the jobs we need to get our country moving again.

Glaringly absent in this whole process is our State of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. They are most responsible for creating this problem by not acting responsibly and timely in properly permitting the corporation in question, and for not working with this corporation to solve any potential problems.

I am a believer in compromise and finding common ground, working together to find solutions to any problems we face. I would hope every concerned would do the same.

One personal comment. If the State of Pennsylvania can shell out grant money to the tune of $500,000 for a conference center we don’t need, why can’t the state shell out $500,000 to help a real business, a vital corporation, solve any potential problems it faces?

Thank you again for allowing me to moderate.

Dan Ristau