Sports Briefly 8/24/13

Chautauqua trap

With one week to go in the second half of the Chautauqua County Trap League, Randolph (4-4) outgunned Busti (5-3), 346 to 345 and Celoron (6-2) beat Carroll (1-7), 342 to 336. Perfect scores were shot by Randolph’s Andrew Hvizdzak, Gary Sickles and Skip Frazier; Busti’s Hod Edgreen, Kirk Decker and Ray Nordin; and Carroll’s Jim Nowacki and Ray Lee. High ladies were Chiyo Grant and Bonnie Whalen with 49, high junior was Hvizdzak with his 50, high sub junior was Dalton Becker with a 48, high vet was Lee with his 50, high senior vet was Edgreen with his 50, and high super senior vet was Sickles with his 50.

RANDOLPH (346): Andrew Hvizdzak 50, Gary Sickles 50, Skip Frazier 50, D.M. Bifaro 49, Jim Congdon 49, Jacob Grimm 49, Marty Gawron 49.

BUSTI (345): Hod Edgreen 50, Kirk Decker 50, Ray Nordin 50, Jim Bessey 49, Chiyo Grant 49, Jack Hunt 49, Charlie Brown 48.

CELORON (342): Dave Anderson 49, Bonnie Whalen 49, Kevin Nicklas 49, Bob Faga 49, Scott Carter 49, Kevin Sturzenbecker 49, Vern Brown 48.

CARROLL (336): Jim Nowacki 50, Ray Lee 50, Dennis Corey 49, John Foster 47, Paul Prentice 47, Mike Mackey 47, Marty Nelson 46.

Golf results

Conewango Valley Country Club member Hallie Dubia shattered the course record at Chautauqua Golf Club Hill Course during the Chautauqua Women’s Member Guest on August 2, 2013. She fired a gross score of 2 under par 70 despite hitting into a water hazard for a stroke penalty. Dubia broke the previous course record of 74.

On Friday, August 23rd, Hallie Dubia captured the Women’s Club Championship at Conewango Valley Country Club with a win over former champion, Mary Conarro. This marks the fifth women’s club championship for Dubia at CVCC. She defeated Mary Conarro in match play 4&3.

Bonnie Thorpe had the low gross of 43 in this week’s Cable Hollow Golf Course Wednesday Evening Ladies League, finishing just ahead of Sonia Probst’s 44. April Tharp had the low net of 26. Here are all scores under 56 from August 21:

Bonnie Thorpe 43, Sonia Probst 44, Rosie Bortz 45, Grace Backstrom 46, Bev Grobaski 49, Deb Sumner 49, Peggy Nason 50, Lori Lassen 50, Blanch Swaney 51, Cindy Paulmier 51, Mary Mackey 51, Judy Greyber 51, April Tharp 52, Josie Palermo 53, Donna Holmes 53, Sue Ferranto 53, Patty Hurtack 53, Sue Melquist 53, Shirley Pearson 54, Bonnie Reynolds 54, Keri Nellis 55, Nancy Shattuck 55.

The team of Vance Lauffenburger, Michelle Lauffenburger, Jim Senger, and Betsy Senger took first place in the Conewango Valley Country Club Couples Tournament on Friday. Bob Sedon, Andrea Sedon, Roy Williams, and Betsy Williams were the second place team.

Punt, pass, and kick

The Warren County YMCA will have a punt, pass, and kick competition for youth football players at 10 a.m., September 8, at War Memorial Field. For information, contact John McQuillan at 726-0110.