20 more years in jail for Eddie Gray

The man convicted during a jury trial last Friday on charges related to a 2012 escape attempt at the Warren County Jail has had more than 20 years tacked onto his existing sentence.

According to the official court summary filed with the state, Eddie Ray Gray, 22, has been sentenced to serve between 248 and 496 months incarceration on assault and escape charges stemming from the incident which occurred on Sept. 2, 2012.

Gray was in the Warren County Jail last year facing charges related to letters threatening court officials and witnesses sent while he was serving a five- to ten-year sentence for robbery in State Correctional Institute – Forest, a term he began serving in 2010. Those charges would eventually net Gray an additional sentence of between 35 1/2 and 71 years incarceration.

While awaiting sentencing for the threats on Sept. 7, 2012, Gray attempted an escape on Sept. 2.

Witnesses at trial outlined how Gray slipped out of a cell block, subdued a jail corrections officer, stole her taser and repeatedly used the device on her before fleeing to the jail basement where he was eventually re-captured.

Following a trial lasting more than 12 hours on Friday, Gray was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and one count each of assault by a prisoner, disarming law enforcement, use of an incapacitation device and criminal attempt (escape).

Gray received a sentence of between 33 and 66 months for each of aggravated assault charges and the criminal attempt (escape) charge, between 40 and 80 months for the charge of assault by a prisoner, between 30 and 60 months for the charge of disarming law enforcement and between 46 and 92 months for the charge of use of an incapacitation device.

The aggregate minimum of 248 months breaks down to 20 years and eight months and the 496-month maximum leaves a sentence that could stretch to 41 years and four months.