Dear editor:

After reading the editorial regarding downtown Christmas decorations for the 2013 Christmas season, I would like to add my two cents regarding what I think would be appropriate. Looking back on past years, the snowflakes that were used as decorations on the street lamps looked nice when they worked. But, it seems that after a few years, some of them were hung and never lit. Others were only partially lit. In my opinion, this was embarrassing for visitors to Warren to see during the holiday season.

Last year, Dan Ristau and other volunteers, came to the rescue and provided Warren with decorations appropriate for historical downtown Warren. The pine boughs and red bows gave a festive look to our new historically appropriate lampposts. It is my understanding that the snowflakes that exist would have to be cut down to fit the new lampposts. I also understand that funding has been procured for this project through the Community Foundation. The bows are stored and do not need to be replaced. The only money that would be needed for the downtown area would be fresh pine boughs, at the cost of $100-200. Let’s keep the historic downtown area decorated with tasteful and historic decorations. Use the snowflakes that work on the Hickory Street bridge and Liberty Street.

I look forward to a festive downtown Warren again this Christmas season.


Randall C. Swanson


Joe Paterno

Dear editor:

For all the good that Joe Paterno has done for Penn State he was crucified. And for what Bill Clinton did when he had the highest office in the country, he is treated like royalty.

Vallie Papalia