Gray guilty of 7 of 15 counts

Following a lengthy trial that went long into the night on Friday, a Pitcairn man was found guilty of seven of the 15 charges against him related to an escape attempt at the Warren County Jail in Sept. of 2012.

Eddie Ray Gray, 22, was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and one count each of assault by a prisoner, disarming law enforcement, use of an incapacitation device and criminal attempt (escape) following a jury trial Friday,

Gray’s trial stretched for more than 11 hours as witnesses outlined how he snuck out of a cell block behind corrections officer Audrey Cline’s back, attacked her and used her taser against her. Gray then grabbed another corrections officer, Rebecca Hanlin, before fleeing to the jail basement where he was ultimately subdued.

According to the testimony of the officers themselves, Gray did not assault Belcher or Wallin and only grabbed, pushed and threatened Hanlin at two different times during the incident.

According to testimony from trial, the entire event lasted only minutes.

The incident occurred while Gray was in the jail facing charges for threatening court officials, prosecutors and other individuals while he was serving a sentence at State Correctional Institution – Forest.

On Friday, jurors found Gray guilty of charges related to attempted escape and his assault on Cline, but did not find him guilty of aggravated assault against Hanlin or against the two officers, Steve Belcher and Matthew Wallin, who were involved in pursuit and apprehension of him in the jail basement.

In total, Gray was found not guilty of five additional counts of aggravated assault, two counts of criminal attempt (assault by a prisoner) and an additional count of assault by a prisoner.

Sentence details had not been filed by Monday afternoon.