Changes coming in support services

Some changes in student support services and curriculum will be in place when students return on Sept. 4, according to Ruth Nelson, interim director of student services.

According to Nelson, the Autistic Support Program, Emotional Support Program, and the Life Skills Program have been relocated in the district to improve the delivery of special education services to exceptional students.

Both the Autistic Support and Emotional Support Programs will be offered in the Western Attendance Area at Youngsville Elementary Middle School and Youngsville High School.

Additional supports will be in place for these programs including a full-time psychologist, full-time guidance counselor, increased time from the Barber Center, and a full-time special education supervisor.

The Life Skills Program will be located in the Central Attendance Area at Warren Area Elementary Center, Beaty Warren Middle School, and Warren Area High School. Each of these schools has classrooms designed to meet the unique L ife Skills curriculum. Additional technology including smartboards, Juno applification systems, walkie talkies, and iPads have been installed in these classrooms.

In the Learning Enrichment Center, Nelson said, Misty Weber has been assigned administrator of the LEC. She and her staff have spent much of the summer reorganizing classrooms, furniture, and materials to give the LEC a fresh, new look.

During the first two weeks of school, the Gifted Support teachers will visit gifted students in their home schools to help them develop their schedules for the year. Classes will begin at the LEC on Sept. 16 with the following schedule:

Mondays: Grades k, 1, and 2

Tuesdays: Grades 3 and 4

Wednesdays: Grades 5 and 6

Thursdays: Grades 7 and 8

Fridays: Supports in the home schools

This year, the Gifted Program is offering new courses for secondary gifted students through a cyber program, Nelson said.

Gifted Support teachers will meet with the high school students during the first two weeks of school to determine their interest in these courses.