An act of kindness

Dear editor:

Friday afternoon before the Fair, while we were getting cows ready, our mainstay big animal clippers started cutting on and off. Too late to lose them for days, we were sure we were done for. As a last resort, we called Warren Electric Motor to see if he could perform an instant miracle.

Not only did he agree to see what he could do, but when my wife picked them up on her way home from work two hours later, not only were they fixed, but they had a brand new extra long cord and an old make-do replacement body screw had been replaced with the correct one. Asked what we owed him, his response was, “Well, the kids are using these at the Fair, right? It’s on me.”

Thank you, Warren Electric Motor. The clippers ran beautifully, the kids had a great time, and Pine Grove Pioneers 4-H Club owes you a huge thank you for coming through in an emergency.

Pete Westover