Sports briefly 8/14/13

Chautauqua trap

Good conditions led to high scores Thursday evening as Celoron beat Busti, 347 to 341, and tied Busti for the second-half lead in the Chautauqua Trap League. The other match saw Randolph downing Carroll, 341 to 339. Perfect scores were shot by Celoron’s Dalton Becker, Kevin Nicklas, Dave Kingsley and Shane Lindstrom, Busti’s Ray Nordin, Randolph’s Dick Anderson and Andrew Hvizdzak, and Carroll’s John Foster. High lady was Rose Corbran with 49. High junior was Hvizdzak with his 50. High sub junior was Becker with his first 50 in league. High vets were Kingsley and Anderson with their 50s. High senior vets were Tage Grant and Red Clark with 48. High super senior vet was Ron Feidler with 48.

CELORON (347) Dalton Becker 50, Kevin Nicklas 50, Dave Kingsley 50, Shane Lindstrom 50, Kevin Sturzenbecker 49, Rose Corbran 49, Russ Wingard 49.

BUSTI (341): Ray Nordin 50, Charlie Brown 49, Jim Bessey 49, Kirk Decker 49, Chiyo Grant 48, Bob Price 48, Tiffany Decker 48.

RANDOLPH (341): Dick Anderson 50, Andrew Hvizdzak 50, Skip Frazier 49, Kim Milford 48, Red Clark 48, Chuck Westfall 48, Jacob Grimm 48.

CARROLL (339): John Foster 50, Ed McCullough 49, Marty Nelson 49, Michael McDunn 48, Chuck Travis 48, Ron Feidler 48, Ray Lee 47.

Horseshoe tourney

The 2013 Warren County Fair Horseshoe Tournament took place Saturday, Aug. 10, at the Warren County Fairgrounds. Men, women, and children from ages 12-to-79 took part in the competition. Cindy Saber, C.J. Burkett, Gary VanGuilder, and Kathy Burkett were unbeaten in their respective classes. Here are the top finishers in each class:

Class A: 1. Kurt VonKleist, 2. Warren Moore.

Class B: 1. Kathy Burkett, 2. Jean Olsen, 3. John Olson.

Class C: 1. Gary VanGuilder, T2. Cassidy Edwards, T2. Cardee Swearingen.

Class D: 1. Doug Edwards, 2. Charlie Burkett, 3. Dustin Beane.

Class E: 1. C.J. Burkett, 2. Tom Horner, 3. Scott VanGuilder.

Class F: 1. Cindy Saber, T2. Jen VanGuilder, T2. Erma Blystone.

Golf Results

Louise Swartz shot a 42 for the low gross in the Jackson Valley Golf Course Women’s League on August 8. Ellie Shanshala had the low of 32 for the day. Here are the flight by flight gross totals:

Flight A: Louise Swartz 42, Mary Beth Whiting 45, Becky Campbell 47, Rose Colucci 48, MaryJo Ford 50, Julie Moyer 54.

Flight B: Debbie Ishman 51, Kathy Weber 52, Rosann Paul 54, Joan Gerarde 57, Susie Spangler 58.

Flight C: Ellie Shanshala 52, Sue Shields 53, Brenda Toter 56, Cindy Munksgard 57, Marcy Anderson 58, Debbie Bialas 58, Diana Haslett 61, Meg Sabat 62, Marion Smith 62, Annie Hoden 63, Jeanne Johnson 68.

The team of Rick Rohlin and Scott Pearson finished first with 104.5 points, and Ron Lemon and Dan Lemon second at 85, on Monday in the Cable Hollow Monday Scratch League. Rohlin and Pearson had the low gross of 33.

Here are the results for the Jackson Valley Golf Club Ladies Member-Guest on Tuesday: 1st gross, Megan and Pam Smoulder, 72; 2nd gross, Louise Swartz and Sally Fiscus, 78; 1st net, Kristy Zavinski and Jenny Rondinelli, 57, and; 2nd net, Becky Campbell and Fran Campbell, 58.

5K Run/Walk

The 6th Anual VIP Victims Memorial 5K Run/Walk will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Warren County Courthouse. For information, contact Christina Fitch at

Rec playoffs

Here is the week two playoff schedule for the Richard T. Betts Rec Softball League playing at Betts Park:

6:00 p.m.: Cougar Bob’s vs. Fralick, Betts; Nic-L-Inn vs. Larry’s Cantina, Foley.

7:30 p.m.: Betts vs. winner of Cougar Bob’s/Fralick, Betts; The Bucket vs. loser of Cougar Bob’s/Fralick, Foley.

9:00 p.m.: Winner of Nic-L-Inn/Larry’s Cantina vs. Bucket/Cougar Bob’s/Fralick, Foley.