Commissioners discuss 911

The Warren County Commissioners discussed whether or not to sign an agreement with a consulting group as part of a 911 regional shared service assessment during their work session Monday morning.

Warren County Public Safety Director Todd Lake said MCM Consulting has been recommended by the Commonwealth to conduct a regional shared services assessment.

Each county has been allocated $30,000 by the Commonwealth to participate in the study.

“This is money that we are approved for under the wireless funding, we don’t have the money they kept it back to see how many counties wanted to do and are going to do it,” he said. “It doesn’t affect funding either way. Whether we do it or don’t do it. If we do it we get the money, if we don’t do it we don’t get the money.”

“How many counties are involved in the region?,” asked Commissioner John Eggleston. “10, eight, six?”

“Nine,” said Lake.

“That’s almost $300,000. Good lord,” said Eggleston.

“Well the thing is we just paid them basically to do most of this last year,” said Commission Stephen Vanco.

Lake said the study would include reviewing call volumes, staffing, shared systems for logging and recording.

“I guess I’d want to see in writing from the state that they are going to cover the cost…” said Vanco.

The funding has already been approved by the Commonwealth, said Lake.

Vanco said the proposal would be discussed during the commissioners Wednesday morning meeting.