Stinky apples

Dear editor:

Sugar Grove is a sweet little town just before the New York border.

I happen through the area often and I am always impressed with the town and it’s small locally owned shops and friendly people. Nice to see they have not been invaded by chain stores. No Dollar General on the main street is a testament to the towns commitment to keep locally owned small businesses alive.

On my visits to Sugar Grove I often enjoy patronizing local establishments.

Unfortunately another noticeable trait of this sweet town is the numerous smelly road apples, i.e. horse droppings that litter the streets from the Amish buggies. I know I’m getting close to Sugar Grove when I have to start keeping a keen out so I can dodge them to avoid splattering them with my car.

A few weeks ago I attended the town’s garage sales days. Very nice event. Got some great deals! Unfortunately I also almost got a sandal full of horse manure!

Directly off the curb was a nice big pile just waiting for an unsuspecting foot or stroller to plunge into it! So sad that such a sweet town has not found a way to rid themselves of this smelly litter.

I’m thinking tail bags for Amish buggies are a great ordinance that needs to be applied. Just a suggestion from a visiting fan of a sweet town.

I often wonder what would happen if I regularly tossed a few road apples out of my truck onto the street in town every time I visited? Would that be considered littering?

Amelia Doe