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Dear editor:

In Thursday’s WTO I was glad to see that security at the courthouse was increased following a threat. I said to myself, “perhaps the powers to be have finally woken up to the need for such security.” That day I went to the courthouse for business and, behold, there was no security in sight. No deputies. Metal detectors abandoned. I could’ve been a terrorist and walked in with no one to stop me.

What will it take before measures are taken on a daily basis, not just while court is in session?

One person told me that they get some pretty irate people coming into their office. The Warren County Courthouse is only one of three in the entire Commonwealth that has no single point of entry or guards or scanners used on a daily basis. What price is a human life worth? Apparently too high when it comes to providing security to the “people’s courthouse”.


Father John Neff, Pastor

St. Luke Catholic Church, Youngsville

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Sheffield