Our opinion: It’s in our nature

They are too numerous to count during a year, those benefit dinners and dedicated sales aimed at helping someone to whom misfortunate has befallen.

That’s just the nature of things in a small community.

Despite its geographic expanse and its collection of small scattered towns, Warren County is still a “small community,” and those scattered towns might even be thought of as neighborhoods.

While we may occasionally disagree, even argue, when it comes to someone in need, we unite to find a way to fulfill that need. We seldom turn immediately to government or its mammoth bureaucracy, but rather to our neighbors, our friends, our extended family.

That’s the way it was for Caden Grinnell, who, at 7 months of age, experienced earlier than many others the generosity and carrying of this community.

It didn’t take long -less than 24 hours – between the time Caden’s need was published in this newspaper that individuals fulfilled it.

Those who came to Caden’s aid were mostly anonymous. Their contibutions weren’t given for personal recognition, but rather for the simple satisfaction of helping a tiny new Warren County resident receive the special skull-shaping helmet he needs to lead a good and productive life.

While his story was more public than many instances of community compassion, it is by no means unique.

Some day Caden will be able to understand that the kindness of neighbors and strangers helped him when he was the most vulnerable, and we’re confident that he’ll pass along that kindness to others.

Because that’s just the nature of things in a small community.