Our opinion: Looking ahead

At least this year the conversation has started early enough that a last-minute panic over downtown Christmas decorations shouldn’t be repeated.

As you’ll remember, the city’s downtown was in great danger of looking no different on Christmas Eve or during the Christmas Walk as it did on Sept. 12 or March 8, only a couple weeks before the holiday season began in earnest.

It was encouraging to hear Councilman Jim Zavinski broach the subject to his colleagues in August, and even though city fathers don’t seem to be willing to allocate any funding to decorations, Zavinski was undeterred.

Isn’t that usually the case in Warren? Jim Zavinski to the rescue when there is a need or an opportunity to make the place a look bit nicer and more welcoming to visitors. From planters fashioned in his workshop to the hundreds of hours he and his wife, Frankie, put into Soldiers and Sailors Park, it seems like Zavinski’s traditionally step in where politicians and bureaucrats fear to tread.

Nevertheless, we have a suggestion, and forgive us if what we are about to say is already in the works.

The downtown’s promotion organizations, Main Street Warren and the Downtown Warren Business District Coalition (the demarkation between the two being so blurry as to disappear altogether) should work closely with Zavinski on the project. But, more than that, we suggest that they pass the hat among their members to come up with sufficient funds to do something more than the last-minute solution arrived at last year.

Don’t get us wrong, we were extremely pleased with that solution of greenery and ribbons concocted by Dan Ristau.

However, decorative lighting has been a tradition of the holiday season, and there’s no reason a town the size of Warren can’t come up with something tasteful and bright at the same time.