Intersection plans hit roadblock

Public projects are often like old soldiers they don’t die, they just fade away.

Such is the current fate of plans to modify the exit and entrance ramp situation at the junction of Rt. 6 and Main Avenue.

According to Warren County Planning Director Dan Glotz, the idea was able to proceed as far as obtaining traffic count numbers, but has since stalled.

“Any potential configurations would not be developed or evaluated until design or engineering can begin,” Glotz said.

Unfortunately, funding for those steps isn’t easy to come by in the current budget climate.

“Funding is very tight across the state for projects like this and the statewide focus has been on maintaining the existing infrastructure currently in place,” he said. “Funding is not just a local or regional issue, it is statewide, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to predict a timeline for new construction anywhere in the state.”

There is hope the project could revive in the future though, according to Glotz.

“The up-side is, the project is on the radar screen through the region’s Long Range Transportation Plan,” he said. “Funding for new construction is just too tight right now.”