Our opinion:?‘Why’ doesn’t help

The arson that destroyed three buildings at Miracle Mountain Ranch over the weekend is another high-profile seemingly senseless crime that has our community asking itself the most common question when senseless crime is commited: “Why?”

And, like virtually every instance in the past we can think of, there is never a sufficient answer.

From the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage at the Youngsville High School to the hundreds of thousands at Miracle Mountain, the figures are staggering, even moreso because they were caused with apparent capriciousness.

Police say a 16-year-old from Johnstown allegedly started the fires at the Christian equestrian camp; it wasn’t clear if he was a current or former resident at the camp.

If he had some grudge, some smouldering anger that led him to his terrible decision, we may never know what it was. His case is likely to end up in the juvenile justice system, thus sealing away from public view any discussion of motive.

For now, it remains imperative that this institution dedicated to the betterment of youth be made whole again. Already members of this community, particularly the farm community, are reaching out to help with donations of hay for Miracle Mountain’s equestrian stock, as well as tack to replace that which was destroyed in the fire.

That’s all we can do for now.

The question will linger, but it doesn’t undo the damage; it doesn’t bring the animals killed back to life.

Armed with their faith, the operators of Miracle Mountain Ranch are continuing their mission, undeterred by adversity, unafraid of what lies ahead.