Large gas line being replaced in county

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is replacing and upgrading approximately 6,700 feet of its existing Line L in the from Cobham Park Road to East Fifth Avenue, according to Sandra James, director of Corporate Communications for National Fuel.

John Anderson Construction of Warren is the contractor for the project.

James said, “The existing 12-inch line, which is 1950s vintage, is being replaced with a modern, state of the art 12-inch coated steel pipeline.”

Jason Scouten, project foreman said that other sections of the pipe have been hydro-tested for operational safety, as the operating pressure of the pipeline will be between 170 and 200 psi.

“This project is an example of National Fuel’s on-going pipeline modernization and safety initiative,” James added. “Line L is a natural gas transmission line that transports natural gas from National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation’s existing Roystone Station near Sheffield to Erie.”

Scouten noted that roughly half of the pipeline is now underground.

The target completion date is September of this year, and clean-up and restoration of the construction area is expected to be completed by the end of September .