Our opinion: Visit the Fair

With an estimated gate of more than 60,000 through the week, almost one-and-a-half times the total county population, there’s little question that the Warren County Fair is the county’s premier attraction.

And, why not?

Where else can you find a variety and quality of food, a variety and quality of amusement rides that may make you wish you hadn’t sampled so much of the former?

Where else can you see an example of virtually every agricultural product, on the hoof or on the plate, that is produced in Warren County.

Where else can you hear and see country western recording stars in a country environment, and the tickets don’t cost your children their college education?

In short, if there is an event that has something for everyone, the Warren County Fair is probably it.

Set aside some time – you’ll need plenty of it to absorb all there is to enjoy this week at the fairgrounds in Pittsfield – and immerse yourself in a leisurely afternoon or evening sans deadlines, without pressure to enjoy the kind of things that creep slowly into your soul.

Yes, there’s just something about a piece of straw for a toothpick and a stroll through a barn full of draft horses that reminds you of good, wholesome, lasting traditions.

And, in today’s world, that’s worth driving a few miles.

The fair began in earnest Monday, and it will be running full-steam through Saturday night.