Ag:?It’s still the Fair’s bottom line

The Warren County Fair has carnival rides, funnel cakes, entertainers ranging from country western singers to performing animals and two-foot-long submarine sandwiches.

But the bottom line for holding a fair here or in any other county is agriculture.

Juliette Enfield, the agricultural extension educator for the Penn State Extension office in Warren County, spoke of the importance of farming and ranching in today’s world at the Warren County Fair’s annual luncheon on Monday.

She said, “People don’t go into farming to become rich. They do it because they love it. Warren County is rich in agriculture. There are 831 farms in Warren County covering almost 100,000 acres; that is 18 percent of the county. People tell me that the farmers that they know are the hardest-working people that they ever met.”

“Some would say that farming is under appreciated and that farms are dying out with the older generation, but I believe that agriculture is just changing,” she continued. “In the past decade, people are becoming more and more aware of where their food comes from, and how the food was produced. This mentality has created new local markets, and created a younger generation of people who want to produce food”

“The possibilities for the future of agriculture are exciting, as science continues to evolve to help with better techniques and technology,” Enfield said, adding that agriculture contributes $21 million to Warren County’s economy, of which $15.5 million is from the dairy industry.

She said the Warren County Fair is a showcase for agriculture, and brings the communities together, and allows future farmers a place to learn.

Dave Wilcox, president of the fair board, said, ” I want to thank everyone for support, help, monetary and other and otherwise. I know a lot of people think the fair starts today, but actually the 2014 fair starts a week from today.”

Steve Carr, board vice president, thanked the fair’s sponsors, and noted that each year “we try to make it a little bit bigger and a little bit better.”