Unpaid taxes

Dear editor:

Well, here it is again, my favorite time of the year when the Times Observer publishes seven and one-half-ages of unpaid taxes due to the City of Warren and all of Warren County.

I think it is time for the Tax Claim Bureau of Warren County to total up all of these unpaid taxes and let the public know just how much is owed to the county. I think that the public has a right to know this because it is all the ones who pay their taxes that are having their taxes raised because of the ones that don’t pay.

When someone doesn’t make any effort to pay after three years, even though they can pay on installments, then they have no intention of paying.

Of course, the first two years are free because of the state of Pennsylvania’s “stupid” amnesty law.

Again, these same people are getting the same municipal services that the rest of us are getting such as police protection, fire protection, getting their roads plowed in the winter, medical emergency service, their children attend our schools and get a free education. You call this fair?

All of our elected officials all use the same promise to get elected. That promise is “We ant to help the Middle Class.”

I don’t think there is a politician who knows what or who the middle class is. If they do know, they would make good on their promises.

Maybe all of our elected officials should face up to Tom Corbett and tell him instead of trying to sell the lottery and sell the wine and spirit stores and giving tax breaks to the big oil companies from Texas and other states, maybe he should be looking into getting rid of this stupid law and make everyone pay their fair share. Tom Corbett took money away from education. Just think of the amount that could go back to just education alone, not to mention highways and bridges.

I’m only basing my opinion on Warren County. What about all the counties in Pennsylvania? This amount has to be tremendous.

What if everyone in the state of Pennsylvania got together and said we are not going to pay our taxes for two years. Then we’ll pay the last year when the taxes are due for the third year?

We could shut down all of the major cities and the test of the state.

Many of the names that appear in the paper have been there for years.

I don’t care how you look at this but it is stealing from others, and I was taught that stealing was against the law.

I can’t figure it out, but maybe someone else can.

Frederick Scalise