Ike concerts will move to state hospital

With construction likely to not be completed at Eisenhower Middle/High School until August 2014, chorus and band concerts will need to be held somewhere else during the upcoming school year.

The new location? Warren State Hospital.

The Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Committee of the Warren County School District’s board of directors forwarded to the full board for concurrence a letter of agreement that would allow use of the state hospital chapel for chorus concerts in the 2013-2014 academic year.

Board member Mary Anne Paris asked if district insurance would continue to cover students while they are on the state hospital property.

“We’ll make sure they’re covered,” said WCSD Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Weber.

There will be no cost to the district for the use of the facility.

Last year, choral and band concerts, as well as the school play, were held at the Struthers Library Theatre in downtown Warren, but the decision to do so was not unanimous as use of the facility came at a cost $550 for the choir concert. The choral and band concerts were approved in split 5-3 votes with concern expressed that precedent could be set by holding the events at the Library Theatre.