City, state conduct food service inspections

The City of Warren and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have published food service inspection results for July.

The following establishments in the City of Warren were inspected and issued valid licenses through July 31, 2014:

Mardi Gras, 344 Pennsylvania Ave. W., one critical violation: refrigerator not at proper cold holding temperature; and one non-critical violation: non-food contact surfaces need to be cleaned.

First Presbyterian Church, 300 Market St., one non-critical violation: thermometers not provided in all freezers (corrected on site).

Eagle’s Club, 2101 Pennsylvania Ave. E., one critical violation: walk-in refrigerator not at proper cold holding temperature.

Holiday Inn, 210 Ludlow St., one non-critical violation: kitchen floor needs to be cleaned around and under appliances.

The Crossing, 350 Pennsylvania Ave. W., no violation.

Jack’s Tap House (formerly Liberty Street Cafe, inspected as new establishment), 211 Liberty St., one critical violation: staff hand-washing station not property supplied; and one non-critical violation: all staff not wearing hair restraints in kitchen area.

Jennifer Haer, 200 Liberty St., “basically only makes smoothies and uses no potentially hazardous items/food. Therefore she requires no license at this time.”

The following six-month inspections were also conducted in the city:

Subby’s/Ralph’s, 300 Pennsylvania Ave. E., no violations.

Jefferson DeFrees Family Center, 201 Second Ave., no violations.

First United Methodist Church, 200 Market St., no violations.

Woman’s Club, 310 Market St., no violations.

The Department of Agriculture conducted the following inspection in July:

Richard’s Family Restaurant, 27920 Route 6, Youngsville, two violations: original food employee certification not posted (copy posted), and loose rubber gaskets on interior door of cold hold unit in food prep area.