Work will close two streets

Four blocks of Fifth Avenue in Warren and one block of Hickory Street will be closed during the work day Wednesday.

The closure, for street repairs and restoration, will include Fifth from Liberty Street to Laurel Street and Hickory Street from Fourth to Fifth. The work is expected to keep the streets closed from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Traffic on Fifth from the north will turn onto Liberty Street. Northbound traffic on Hickory will avoid the project area by turning onto Fourth.

Other maintenance efforts in the city will not result in street closures.

Department of Public Works traffic mechanic Shawn Tutmaher will inspect and clean every traffic signal and traffic signal control box in the city over the next few weeks.

On Tuesday, at Fourth and Liberty, Tutmaher cleaned the glass on all of the signal lights, opened up each light to check for corroded wires and loose connections, made any necessary repairs, and sealed them back up again. At the controller box on the southwest corner, he checked for signs of corrosion, changed the filter, and made sure the timing was running properly.

Tutmaher said the routine maintenance effort generally starts around Aug. 1.