Minimum Wage

Dear Editor,

First, the Government should not have any say on minimum wage negotiations. That is up to the Unions, whether you’re for or against unions is another story.

The minimum wage should be $12.50 per hr. For everyone. Not just Walmart. If you want loyal workers pay em- If you want workers to show up everyday pay-em. If you want workers to do their job perfectly pay-em. And you aint going to do it at 8 bucks an hour.

Their is nothing wrong with these young workers. All you have to do is pay em a living wage. Then you as employers can pick and choose your workers.

I worked on both sides. Unions and Employers for 40 yrs. It all comes down to wages. You can live a decent life on. Don’t listen to that baloney that if you don’t like your job go somewhere else. Because somewhere else is also $8.00 per hr. If you want to be an employer-you can’t bite off more than you can chew. You can’t run a business at the expense of your employees. Pay-em!! As I said before-everyone should pay $12.50 per hr. If you can’t do that in your business-then you yourself should be an employee.

Carl Rozzelle