Our opinion: Do the Yellow Dot

Earlier this week in this space, we refuted the notion that there is nothing to do in Warren County, and many readers let us know they agreed.

There’s plenty to do, and now we’d like to recommend something you should do as soon as possible because it could, in fact, save your life.

All you have to do requires four simple steps.

The first is to go to the Warren Municipal Building on Third Avenue and request the packet of information for the Yellow Dot program.

The Yellow Dot program is a cooperative effort of several state agencies and local police departments that was developed to provide critical medical information to first responders at accident scenes, information that could very well mean the difference between life and death.

First responders are racing the clock in the “golden hour”, the first 60 minutes after a serious traffic accident when spot-on care can save a life.

But how do these first responders know what can help, and what might hurt?

Are you allergic to any medications?

What medications are you taking?

How might medications the first responders want to administer react with what you’re taking?

If you’re critically injured, the likelihood of you being able to answer those questions in a coherent manner is slim, at best.

But they will know, if you’ve completed step two of the Yellow Dot program. And that is to devote a few minutes to writing requested information in the booklet included in the Yellow Dot packet: medical conditions, emergency contact information, medications, allergies, and physician and hospital preferences. Add a photo so first responders can be assured they are treating the right person and you’re set.

Best of all there’s sufficient space in the booklet for information about two people.

Steps three and four are not only the last steps, they’re also the easiest: Put the booklet in the glove compartment and attach the highly-visible Yellow Dot sticker to the driver’s side of your vehicle’s rear window.

Congratulations, you’ve just helped those who are racing to help you. What a great thing to do.