Humane Society has goal in giving back part of donations

Only about half of all dogs and cats in U.S. shelters will ever find a home.

The rest will face euthanization and, according to The Humane Society of the United States, animal overpopulation is a major contributing factor.

One component of the battle against pet overpopulation is to have your animals spayed or neutered, but the cost of the procedure can be prohibitive to pet owners on a tight budget.

The Warren County Humane Society, Paws Along the River, can help.

Starting Aug. 1, the Humane Society will be offering a limited number of coupons to help reduce the cost of having your pet spayed or neutered by one of eight participating, local veterinarians.

The Humane Society’s board of directors has approved using $3,000 of the total $6,800 donated to Paws Along the River by Warren Gives toward providing 60 coupons worth $50 each to reduce the cost of spaying an neutering to pet owners.

“The Warren Gives program kind of spurred everything on,” Society Director Karen Kolos said on Thursday. “We’re very happy with what Warren Gives did and the board wanted to give back to the community.”

The program is aimed at those who cannot afford to have their pets spayed or neutered, not just those looking for a discount.

“We pretty much want the people who need it to use it,” Kolos said. “This is for in-the-home pets that need spayed and neutered. We’re committed to having families keep their pets and not add to overpopulation.”

Here’s how it works:

Call Paws Along the River and tell them you’re interested in receiving help paying to have your pet(s) spayed or neutered to apply.

Choose one of the eight participating veterinarians.

Make an appointment for the procedure with the veterinarian you chose.

Take you pet for the procedure and pay at the reduced rate.

Veterinarians participating in the program are adding to the savings with an additional five percent off on procedures they receive coupons for.

“We’re very happy with the participation from our vets,” Kolos said. “There are health concerns to the pet if they are not spayed and neutered and you need to talk to your vet about them.”

Kolos urged pet owners to call about the program.

“We just want the public to take advantage of it,” she added. “We want pets to stay in their homes and be happy and healthy. We only wish we could do more.”

The Warren County Humane Society, Paws Along the River, can be reached at 726-1961.

Kolos also noted the society is currently offering a $40 discount on the cost of adopting cats through July 31.