Commissioners re-allocate CDBG funds

The Warren County Commissioners held a public input hearing Wednesday morning regarding a resolution to modify the fiscal year 2011-2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program budgets.

Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco said that money can be re-allocated from projects that were approved but were either “canceled, completed under budget or delayed.”

The Municipal Authority of Sheffield Township has requested additional CDBG funding to extend its sanitary sewer system to 12 households on Henry’s Mill Road below Spicer Road, and Tidioute Borough requested that its canceled Main Street sidewalk project with another project to bury exposed municipal water line below the creek bed of McGuire Run.

The commissioners approved the resolution when no public comments or questions were received. A total of $42,033 was re-allocated for the Tidioute project.

A delayed Jamestown Street sidewalk project in Sugar Grove Borough provided $5,378.62; a delay in action for the removal of slum and blight by the county’s Redevelopment Authority provided $16,054; and remaining funds from a completed project that assisted eligible households to connect with the Sugar Grove area sewer system provided $19,315 for a total of $40,747.62 from the 2011 CDBG was moved to the Henry’s Mill project.

The 2012 CDBG budget had over-estimated the cost for assisting legible households to connect to the Sheffield Township Municipal Authority’s sanitary sewer system in the amount of $161,000. Of that, $106,000 was moved to the Henry’s Mill project, $40,000 to the removal of slum and blighted properties on a spot basis, and $15,000 to acquisition costs for those properties.

Toby Rohlin, Warren County fiscal director, reported that the county had $793,000 cash on hand, whereas last year at this time the amount was “just under $700,000.” He said that accounts payable to date are “just shy of $100,000, with jail operations at $43,252 and county operations at $56,360,” for a total of $99,612.

Vanco introduced a resolution for raising $40,000 in local funds to receive a matching grant from the state for county-wide internet/intranet project designed to enhance communication among the county’s fire departments and with the community at large. The funds have already been raised locally, and needed the county to authorize seeking the grant.