Warren City police urge motorists to participate in Yellow Dot program

The Yellow Dot program was created to provide medical information to first responders in the ‘golden hour’ of emergency care following a traffic accident.

The golden hour is the first 60 minutes after a serious crash that can make the difference between life and death for the critically injured.

The program was established as a cooperative effort between PennDOT, Pennsylvania’s Health and Aging, the state police, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and local law enforcement agencies.

Sgt. Brandon Deppen of the Warren City Police Department said, “The chief (Ray Zydonik) came to me after receiving a call from a citizen who had noticed a yellow sticker in the rear window of a vehicle, and he asked me to follow up on it.”

He said that the program is very simple, people can pick up a pamphlet at the municipal building in Warren that has a round yellow sticker to place on the driver’s side of a car’s rear window. It also has a booklet to list medical conditions, emergency contact information, medications, allergies, physician and hospital preferences for two people, along with their photos.

The booklet is then placed in the glove compartment, and emergency responders will see the yellow dot and know where to find critical information if the victims cannot communicate.

Deppen noted that there is a similar program with stickers for children’s car seats, called We Have A Little Emergency, or WHALE.

There are 400 Yellow Dot pamphlets available at the city building between 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, or they can be obtained through www.yellowdot.pa.gov.

The program is being used by many other states as well.