Doe licenses for one WMU sold out

Doe licenses for the western part of Warren County are sold out.

The 31,000 hunting licenses allocated to the wildlife management unit (WMU) that includes all of Erie County and portions of Warren, Crawford and Venango counties were gone as of Tuesday morning.

It is unusual for the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s WMU 1B to sell out during the initial round of resident applications.

“Some people are going to be disappointed,” Warren County Treasurer Denny Munksgard said. “It doesn’t normally sell out until after the non-resident (application period) and early into the first bonus round.”

There is space on the antlerless deer license application for three choices of WMU. Hunters whose applications were processed after the allocation was sold out and signed up only for WMU 1B will not receive a tag. Those applications will be sent back.

Applications must be mailed to a county treasurer’s office and there are many other reasons applications are returned. Applications that are not filled out correctly, do include the exact payment due, do not include at least one choice of WMU, or arrive in anything but the provided pink envelope are rejected. Those that are sent too early automatically go back.

“The law says we have to send them back if we get them too early,” Munksgard said.

The office does not receive mail on Saturday. A hunter who posts an application prior to the Friday before the first day of the next round is taking a chance at missing out.

That goes for non-resident and bonus round applications.

A resident working for a first doe tag for the season can send in an application any time starting the first day applications are accepted – that was July 8 this year.

Non-residents have to wait until July 29.

Those who receive a tag may apply for a second tag starting Aug. 5 and a third starting Aug. 19.

In WMU 2F, which includes the eastern half of Warren County, there were still 6,368 of 29,000 licenses available as of Tuesday morning.

The number of tags available in 1B is down 2,000 – from 33,000 to 31,000 – from the 2012 level. However, the number of 2F licenses is up 2,000 – 27,000 to 29,000.