Rec softball

Here are the standings and Wednesday’s schedule for the Richard T. Betts Rec Modified Softball League at Betts Park:


Cougar Bob’s 9-3

Betts* 7-3

The Bucket* 7-3


Fralick Chiropractic* 3-5

Crescent Beer*3-5

Nic-L-Inn* 3-6

Wing City* 1-8

This week’s schedule (July 24)

6 p.m.: Cougar Bob’s vs. Fralick Chiropractic, Betts Field; Betts vs. Crescent Beer, Foley Field; The Bucket vs. Nic-L-Inn, Brown Field

7:30 p.m.: Larry’s Cantina vs. Crescent Beer, Betts Field; Wing City vs. Betts, Foley Field

9 p.m.: The Bucket vs. Larry’s Cantina, Betts Field; Wing City vs. Fralick Chiropractic, Foley Field

Missing/Not Reported: Fralick Chiropractic vs. Betts (7-17); Nic-L-Inn vs. Wing City (7-17); Crescent Beer vs. The Bucket (7-17); Larry’s Cantina vs. Wing City (7-17)