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Dear Editor:

I recently came down from Ontario to see the famous Kelly Miller Circus when it was in your town, sponsored by the local volunteer fire department. It is one of the best in the land.

While waiting for the evening performances, I had a chance to speak to one of the volunteer fireman sponsoring the event. Apparently the circus had to make a 300 mile jump from Massachusetts the nite before, driving all nite and arriving a day early, anticipating a needed rest and allowing the animals and performers to get some sleep.

To my amazement, I was told that on their arrival, the circus was told they had to pay $1,000 for stopping in the park a day early. Not only that, they were charged $250 for selling popcorn, etc. These people work very hard and put on a beautiful family show. These additional fees had to come from the volunteer fire department. Regardless of who had to pay, (above and beyond the fees for the circus day itself) it left a sour taste with both the circus people and the V.F.D.

As one man said, your town doesn’t seem to have much in the way of community spirit. I doubt the circus will ever come back, even if invited.

Tom Bishop

Ridgeville, Ontario

Too much to do

Dear Editor:

What is wrong with Warren?

I can not believe that the people in Warren do not try and work together!

The fair in Sheffield,The rib Fest, the party on Pa Ave are all going on at the same time. Why could the people who organize these affairs not put their heads together and had them at different dates?

Maybe next year they can throw the County Fair in with all the other festivities. I am not what most people call smart, but an idiot could plan a little better than that. I hope all the groups make out real good. until next time. I wish all a happy and safe summer.

Larry Maruca