Humane Society receives donations

Humane Society donations were received in honor of Mark and Pat Evans, and Sharon Gage, and in memory of Ann Clark, Annette Anderson, Carol Littlefield, Constance Leto, Gilbert Haight, Harmony Robinson, Jimmy Bloom, John Check, John Downey, John Ostrom, John Simmons, Josh Allan Michelson, Julie Westfall, Kathy Walker, Keith and Peggy Niver, Ken Reynolds, Kenneth Lynn, Larry Steele, Lloyd Bowersox, Lucille Simmons, Lynn Parker, Madolyn Geer, Mary Hodges, Matthew Seymour, Maurice “Bud” Perry, Michael Howe, Michael Kolos, Mom and Connie, Mr. Seebek, Pastor Kenneth Hall, Paula Southwell, Sally Courtney, Sherry Scheer and Sofia Mary Ricaurte.