Council hears pool concerns

The City of Warren has been hearing some concerns over hours at the municipal pool.

At their meeting last Monday night, Warren City Council members received a letter from Wendy Boger requesting consideration of a change to the hours of operation at the pool.

The letter cited concerns over availability of the pool for families with adults working day shifts and that the hours of operation coincide with the hours at which sun exposure can be most damaging, amongst other things.

After presentation of the letter, Council member Howard Ferguson asked for staff input on the issue.

Parks and Recreation Director Mary Ann Nau responded that it was something the city’s recreation commission would be looking at, and that hours had already been adjusted in response to public comment.

The following day, Nau took time to discuss the issue, and where things are heading, in a little more depth.

“The recreation commission will be studying the issue,” Nau said. “We’re going to be taking that back to them in August.”

Nau noted review of usage policies for recreational facilities is part of the commission’s job under the city’s administrative code.

“The Parks and Recreation Commission shall be responsible for developing and recommending programs, for the periodic review of those programs and for advising council on recreation needs, use of facilities, fee structures and related matters,” according to the code.

“They’ll look at the whole ball of wax,” Nau said.

According to Nau, the city is working to react to public feedback, including extending hours until 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, but, at the same time, is struggling with a rainy season and staffing concerns. Nau noted the first two Wednesdays, weather kept the extended hours from being implemented.

“Cindy (Strandburg) has had to struggle to ensure we had appropriate staff,” Nau said. “It’s not just financial. This has not been the ideal season weather-wise. Once you send people home they aren’t right there around the corner if you need them and they have other jobs. There’s a lot of issues here.”

Looking ahead, Nau said the city may be able to work in conjunction with the Brokenstraw Valley Swimming Pool to address mutual concerns.

“We can kind of compare notes and see where we need to go,” Nau said. “What sort of issues do we have and how can we help each other.”

The city’s Parks and Recreation Commission is scheduled to meet at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 6 and, according to Nau, pool hours will be on the agenda for the meeting.