Why Warren? ‘Get in the Ring’

Being the leader is never easy. If I had the chance to interview just one person from history, it would be Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He led the United States out of the Great Depression, started the Civilian Conservation Corps under the New Deal, and put citizens at ease with his “Fireside Chats.”

Oh, yeah, and he led us through the majority of WWII, which spawned the Greatest Generation. Do I think he was perfect? Heck no. He had his demons – as we all do. However, he didn’t ever give up.

Most people find it easier to be critical than correct. They point out flaws and complain, but provide no solutions or assistance. This reminds me of another one of my heros, Teddy Roosevelt. He once said, “Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

Those words hit me hard at a young age; as I found myself in that grey twilight he spoke of so long ago. My goal in life is to make my community a better place. Every day I attempt to affect positive change and improvement in both myself and others. Am I perfect? Heck no. Everyone has their limits and bad days. I am a realist. I have found an outlet in being an ambassador of the outdoors.

Having been fortunate enough in this life to find myself in the company of old friends who share that passion for what they do and have returned here to dear old Warren, Pa. to do it.

People like Piper VanOrd, Josh Ellis, Aaron Spencer, Joe Colosimo, Ta Brant, Dean Wells and Thad Turner – I could go on and on. We know who you are. We are all here working hard every day to improve the community that we fell in love with growing up.

That being said, the debate rages on about how to use these natural resources we are blessed to have right outside our doors. We are here as ambassadors to the outdoors for you, your children, your friends and families, out-of-town guests, businesses and Business Clients. Ask us how we can help you better enjoy the wonderful biking, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, and fishing resources that surround us every day.

I leave you with a quote from Axl Rose, lead singer of Gun’s N Roses, from the song “Get In the Ring.”

“Who are you to criticize my intentions? Got your subtle manipulative devices, just like you, I got my vices, I got a thought that would be nice, I’d like to crush.”

Well, that’s all the room I have for today. You can look up the rest online!

Come down to the Outdoor Alley that the 400 Block of Pennsylvania Avenue is turning into.

Get In The Ring.