Sports Briefly… 07/20/13

Golf results

Jerry Bancroft had low gross of 34 in Men’s Day Golf League play, Thursday, at Conewango Valley Country Club. Here are the flight-by-flight results from the round:

First Flight: Low gross- Jerry Bancroft 34, Dick Kimball 36

Second Flight: Low gross- Mike Barber 38, John Zawacki 39

Third Flight: Low gross- Jasen Diley 37, Ron Leofsky 43

Fourth Flight: Low gross- Bob Gunderson 40, Jim Vecellio 44, Phil Mathyer 44

Fifth Flight: Low gross- Chris Patric 46, Bill Jones 52

Rick Rohlin and Scott Pearson and Ron Lemon and Dan Lemon shared low gross of 32 in Monday Scratch League play at Cable Hollow Golf Course. Rohlin and Pearson led the team standings with 73.5 points while Lemon and Lemon are second with 60 points.

Here are the results for Junior Golf League competition held Friday, June 28, at Conewango Valley Country Club:

Cadet Boys: Hayden Edwards 60, Cody Leofsky 76

Cadet Girls: Madisen Seastrum 95

Prep Boys: Drew Swanson 23, Ricky Madril 26

Prep Girls: Myah Madril 28

Novice Boys: Evan Swanson 19, Coleson Barber 20

The team of John & Judy Dale and Ron & Deb Leofsky won a Couples Tournament held Friday at Conewango Valley Country Club with a score of 18.1. Vance & Michelle Lauffenburger and Bob & Judy McGinn were second with 19.2 and Dick & Onda Cole and Paul & My Ignatius were third with 19.7 points.

Matt DeLong had low gross of 39 and Jason Anderson and Dan Brown shared low net of 31 in 2-Man Golf League play, Tuesday, at Cable Hollow Golf Course. Bob Hunter and Mark Kulka lead the season standings with 158 points, Gary Darling and Steve Darling are second with 151.5 points and David Stewart and Mike Ventura were third with 151 points.

Dan Cheney and Steve Johnson had low gross of 32 and Ron Retterer and Jeff Carlson had low net of 30 in Fitch Disposal Scramble League play, Tuesday, at Cable Hollow Golf Course. Dave Bortz and Rick Nasman lead the team standings with 63.5 points, Tim Shield and Rodney Korbar are second with 63 points and Bob Hunter and Mark Kulka are third with 62 points.

Softball tourney

The 21st Annual Michael J. Kolos Memorial Paws Along The River Softball Tournament will be held August 2-4 at Betts Park in Warren. Men’s and Co-ed teams will be in competition. For more information, call 726-1961 or e-mail To print tournament rules or registration forms, visit

Late Over 30

Scott Blum and Rich Selfridge each had three hits and Bullpen used a seven-run bottom of the fifth inning to close out S&K Scope Mounts, 19-9, in late Over 30 Modified Softball League play, Thursday, at Betts Park. Jim Morrison tripled and Blum and Selfridge each doubled twice for the winners. Nick Bryan homered in defeat for S&K.

S&K Scope Mounts 041 13 – 9 12

Bullpen 542 17 – 19 15

2b-R. Snyder (S), Dave Stuart (S), Rich Selfridge (B) 2, Scott Blum (B) 2. 3b-Todd Breeding (S), Stuart (S), Jim Morrison (B). HR-Nick Bryan (S). WP-Rick Gustafson. LP-Dave Johnson.

Chautauqua trap

Randolph topped Carroll 343-335 and Busti beat Celoron 339-335 in Chautauqua County Trap League competition this week. Randolph’s Skip Frazier has the lone perfect score of 50 this week.

Tiffany Decker and Stephanie Tutmaher shared high lady honors with 45 apiece, Derek Rumsey was high junior with a 49 and Brian Westerdahl was high sub-junior with a 48. Westerdahl had his first career 25 straight. Dick Anderson, Chuck Travis and Ray Lee all shared high vet marks with 49’s, Tage Grant, D.J. Bifaro and Gary Johnson were all high senior vets with scores of 49 and Howard Arnold and Gary Sickles shared high super senior vet total with 48 each.

Here are the complete results from this week’s competition:

RANDOLPH (343): Skip Frazier 50, Derek Rumsey 49, D.J. Bifaro 49, Kim Milford 49, Dale Speta 49, Dick Anderson 49, Andrew Hvizdzak 48

CARROLL (335): Chuck Travis 49, Ray Lee 49, John Foster 48, Jim Nowacki 48, Ed McCullough 48, Paul Prentice 47, Marty Nelson 46

BUSTI (339): Dave Sena 49, John Young 49, Tage Grant 49, Charlie Brown 48, Brian Westerdahl 48, Hod Edgreen 48, Ray Nordin 48

CELORON (335): Gary Johnson 49, Rich Foster 49, Bob Faga 48, Russ Wingard 48, Jerry Willett 47, Butch Ficarra 47, Tom Tutmaher 47