Tidioute tops again in county trap

Better conditions created higher scores in Warren County Trap League competition, Wednesday. Tidioute posted the top score this week with a 348-340 victory over Corry.

In other action, Kalbfus topped Sugar Grove II 340-336, Sugar Grove I stopped Pine Grove 338-337 and Brokenstraw bested Sheffield, 339-333.

Tidioute had five perfect scores this week, including those from Tal Young, Ken Anderson, Lee Dunkle, Taylor Hansen and Ed Pennington. Corry’s Tage Grant, Kalbfus’ Chuck Loomis, Sugar Grove II’s Zack Johnson, Sugar Grove I’s Scott Currie and Sheffield’s Breck Fry also had perfect scores.

Sugar Grove II’s Johnson was high junior with his 50, Pine Grove’s Dalton Becker was high sub-junior with a 49 and Hansen was high lady with her 50. Tidioute’s Joe Miller and Sugar Grove I’s Jim Hannon shared high super senior vet marks, Tidioute’s Young and Corry’s Grant shared high senior vet honors with their 50’s and Anderson was high vet with his 50 for Tidioute.

Here are the complete results from this week’s competition:

TIDIOUTE (348): Tal Young 50, Ken Anderson 50, Lee Dunkle 50, Taylor Hansen 50, Ed Pennington 50, Colby Case 49, Derek Dickson 49

CORRY (340): Tage Grant 50, Jim Bessey 49, Chuck Geer 49, Ken Berkhous 48, Jim Huntley 48, Harold Linden 48, Greg Linden 48

KALBFUS (340): Chuck Loomis 50, Denny Joy 49, John P. Foster 49, Ray Nordin 49, Tom Sleeman 48, Duane Schmader 48, Herky Smith 47

SUGAR GROVE II (336): Zack Johnson 50, Tom Beck 49, Reed Johnson 48, Kevin Nicklas 48, Ted Blanchard 47, Tom Tutmaher 47, Ben Rouse 47

SUGAR GROVE I (338): Scott Currie 50, Colton Black 49, Jim Hannon 49, Todd Church 48, Kirk Decker 48, Jake Lindell 48, Scott Gustafson 46

PINE GROVE (337): Brian Ecelberger 49, Kevin Sturzenbecker 49, Dalton Becker 49, Russ Wingard 49, Dave Straight 48, Bob Faga 47, Ray Lee 46

BROKENSTRAW (339): Dale Johnson 49, Jerry Cressley 49, Rusty Luther 49, John McCanna 48, Tom Smith 48, Robbin Weaver 48, Mark Romaniszyn 48

SHEFFIELD (333): Breck Fry 50, Ralph Challingsworth 48, Gary McLaughlin 48, Lee Heeter 48, Marty Grove 47, Bob Dixon 46, Larry Heeter 46