ISOM, Praise Fellowship awards four certificates

International School Of Ministry (ISOM) at Praise Fellowship in Russell graduated four local students on May 19. Speaker for the graduation was Bob Sorge, teacher and author, who travels internationally from his home in Kansas City, Mo.

Graduates included Samantha Morgan and Noah VanHouten, who received diplomas of Biblical Studies. They are two of the youngest people to complete the Core Five. Also, Lou Anderson-Nordin and Linda Morgan were the first to reach the master’s level, in the world through ISOM.

ISOM is the world’s largest video Bible school with more than 14,000 training sites in 142 nations, available in more than 65 languages. ISOM is a church-based video training program, with complete curriculum, including facilitators, workbooks, discussion, homework assignments, and tests, a powerful mission tool and provides opportunity for training in ministry. ISOM has curriculum with well-known teachers, each teaching in their area of expertise. ISOM is a school, where knowledge, character and spiritual gifts are equally taught with no denominational ties.

The local Harvest School of Ministry began in 2005, in affiliation with ISOM. Classes will begin in September at Praise Fellowship, Rt. 62 Russell. For information, visit or call 757-5758.