Funding for Beaty Park upgrade closer

The City of Warren is moving closer to having funding in place for the Beaty Park improvement project.

At its meeting in June, city council approved a bid of $188,455 for work at the park including reconstruction of basketball and tennis courts and installation of walkways and fencing. The approval, however, was tentative upon securing funding to cover the difference between the projects budgeted cost and the bid.

The original project cost was budgeted at $154,000. At the time, funding for this figure broke down to $77,000 in state grant funding, $52,000 from the city’s general fund budget and $25,000 from the Community Foundation of Warren County already secured.

The difference between the budgeted, secured amount of $154,000 and the bid for work of $188,455 equals $34,000 in funds the city needs to secure elsewhere to complete the project.

According to Director of Public Works Mike Holtz, the city contacted the Community Foundation, the DeFrees Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in search of funding to make up the difference.

At its meeting in July, city council was alerted the city had received word from the Community Foundation that it would be able to provide up to $17,000 of the additional funding.

“We’re pretty confident we’re getting funding from all three sources,” Holtz said after the meeting. “We’re thinking between those three entities we’ll have enough.”

Holtz provided council with a rough timeline for start of work at the facility during its meeting as well, saying work on the basketball and tennis courts should begin, “within the next four weeks.”