Ailing trees come down on Crescent


A number of Warren’s aging residents who set their roots by the bank of the Allegheny River were removed Thursday afternoon.

Crews from Taylor Tree of Ripley N.Y. and Covey Tree of Frewsburg N.Y. brought down a number of rotten and aging willow trees along Crescent Park at Tremont Street.

City Director of Public Works Mike Holtz said a rotten Willow Tree fell a couple of weeks ago during a storm and it was leaning towards the road.

“It was sitting in another existing tree and it was actually leaning towards the roadway and it was dangerous,” said Holtz. “We have a city arborist that is contracted through us and comes and evaluates the situations. It was a safety concern and needed to come out.”

The rotten willow trees had fallen into and damaged two maple trees, and removing them will allow more sunlight to fall onto the healthy trees along the riverbank, said Kevin Covey of Covey Tree.

“These are justifiably dead,” said Covey, “Warren goes through a good measure as to why the trees are going to go.”

With more than 20 years of experience contracting with the City of Warren for tree removal, Covey said the city’s tree inventory and replacement program works to retain and replace trees.

“A lot of those trees took 50 to 75 years to get here, lets retain them,” he said. “And, Warren’s good about that.”