Doe licenses still available here

The Warren County Treasurer’s office is in the middle of antlerless deer license processing season, which will run for the rest of this month and into August.

Denny Munksgard, county treasurer, said on Wednesday, “For the first three weeks, beginning on July 8 this year, we process resident applications. On July 29, we will start processing the non-resident applications. On August 5, we will begin with the bonus licenses.”

He estimated that to date, about 3,500 applications had been processed, and a similar number are currently being processed.

He explained that each hunter with a valid hunting license may get one antlerless tag during the initial round, and two more in the bonus round. Also, landowners may apply for licenses, but they must have a qualifying amount of acreage and apply before July 1.

Munksgard noted, “The applications must be mailed in the official pink envelopes, be filled out completely and accurately and have the correct payment” or it will be rejected. Additional envelopes are available at the treasurer’s office in the courthouse.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC), “The Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) provides an additional tool for landowners to manage deer in a manner consistent with land use goals on their properties. All public and private landowners or lessees where no fee is charged for hunting, and any defined hunting club are eligible for the program.” Applications must be made to the local PGC offices by June 1.

Hunters can get up to two DMAP antlerless harvest permits per property as soon as the applications are approved and the landowners notified. Landowners distribute coupons to hunters, who then take them to any license issuing agent or access the PGC website to be issued harvest permits. Reporting is mandatory for all DMAP permits, regardless of harvest success.

Munksgard explained that all successful applications will not be mailed to the hunters until September, although applications that are rejected because of incomplete information, insufficient payment or lack of a return postage stamp will be returned as quickly as possible so re-applications may be made.

Hunters who are anxious to know if they’ve been issued an antlerless license can track the status of their applications online They can also check the latest information on the number of licenses that have been allocated, and how many remain for sale in each Wildlife Management Unit (WMU).

As county treasurers process applications and allocate licenses, the information is immediately updated in the Pennsylvania Automated License System

To check on the status of an application go to and click on the blue Buy a License in the upper right corner of the page. That click will take you to the Outdoor Shop. Click on Purchase Fishing/Hunting License Permit or Application and fill in identifying information and click continue. On the next page verify your residency, scroll to the end of your personal information and choose Check on the status of an Antlerless Deer or Elk Application. Click Continue and any licenses that have been issued to you will appear.

Selecting Doe License Update on the PGC website provides a real-time status of allocations and availability by WMU and helps hunters to list their first, second and third preferences.

Any active duty military that are Pennsylvania residents stationed outside of the commonwealth and are on leave during the season are guaranteed a antlerless license regardless of deadlines or allocations.

“It is a tradition in Warren County that we set up a time, usually the Sunday before the season opens on Dec. 2, for military members to come in for their antlerless license licenses. To make an appointment, call 728-3415 or email me at,” Munksgard said. The military tags are available at the reduced fee of $2.70.

Warren County is in two WMUs 1B, which is north and west of Routes 62, 6 and 27; and 2F, which is south and east of those same roads. In addition to Warren County, all of Erie County and portions of Crawford and Venango counties compose 1B which has an allocation of 31,000 antlerless harvest permits. WMU 2F has 29,000 allocated permits and in addition to Warren, includes all of Forest and portions of McKean, Elk, Jefferson, Clarion and Venango counties.